Bonjour à tous et à toutes !

My name is Virginie, and I live on Reunion Island, a small French island in the Indian Ocean.
I graduated in Language Sciences and French as a Foreign Language from the University of Montpellier.

After obtaining my master’s degree in 2004, I worked as a French teacher in many schools and language institutes. In 2011, I discovered video-teaching and since then I have devoted myself entirely to teaching French as a foreign language online. I love it!
Curious to live new adventures, I left Montpellier where I lived for 20 to settle in Reunion in 2019.

I like meeting new people from all over the world, learning from their traditions, cultures, personal interests or professionals. I think I learn from my students as much as they learn from me

I am dynamic, patient and fun. I organise interesting courses, motivating, based on the news, funny, and adapted to the needs of the student. Beyond language learning I will try to convey my interest in gastronomy, wine and French culture. Whether you want to learn French or improve your practice for an exam, for work, for travelling or simply because you like that language and you want to know more about French culture, I will be happy to adapt to your needs and goals.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

A bientôt!

Learn French Coach

All you need is learning French




Virginie is an excellent French teacher, she is very kind and patient, especially with beginners which really helps to build your confidence. Most of the lesson is spent speaking which really helps to build your confidence and you get weekly homework which helps to develop your reading, writing and grammar skills. I would highly recommend Virginie as a French teacher.



I have had over 150 lessons with Virginie and see her on Skype every week. During my time with her, my French has gone from basic to intermediate/advanced and my confidence in speaking French has grown exponentially. She is firmly focussed on ensuring that you progress in all four competencies (listening comprehension, speaking, writing, written comprehension). 

French culture, tradition and the French way of life feature in all our classes. On top of this, Virginie customises the lessons and homework for my own interests and work.

Perhaps most importantly, Virginie is a patient and encouraging teacher who explains things clearly. I always look forward to my lessons with her and recommend her to anyone who wants to speak the French language, whether you are just beginning or already know some. I see going to a high-quality teacher like Virginie as an investment in my journey with French, and it is an investment I am very pleased I have made.



I have just completed two 13 lesson/50 min. French conversation courses with Virginie. I enjoyed them very much. In addition to our conversations, the short videos and articles she sends as light homework have helped me develop my understanding of everyday life in my adopted country. So much to learn and absorb. Virginie is patient and a good listener. You will enjoy her lessons.

Good luck!



I’ve been taking French lessons through Learn French at Home for almost 3 years now. I love the convenience of taking classes online through Skype. Virginie has been an amazing and patient teacher who has helped me complete the Delf B2 test and greatly improve my confidence and fluency speaking French. I love that lessons are all catered to my specific needs and interests and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come when looking back at previous class notes.  I couldn’t ask for a more positive and supportive learning environment and I truly look forward to my lesson each week.   



Before starting the Grammar + Communication lessons with Virginie, my French was the leftover of half-forgotten concepts I learned back in school, and I had a hard time communicating even in everyday encounters. Through conversations and homework, Virginie identified my weak points and designed the lessons to improve on them one by one. I took a total of 34 lessons and I am now much more confident in speaking French and I am able to have meaningful conversations. Virginie is a very good and patient teacher and I can highly recommend her!



French lessons with Virgine were really great. I was a complete beginner and Virigine helped me prepare to navigate in France. I bought 8 lessons and I felt like they were interesting and relevant – not just verb conjugation ! She was also very flexible and helped accomodate a huge time difference between us. I would highly recommend her to anyone.



J’ai adoré mes leçons avec Virginie.  Elle est très patiente et adapte les leçons à vos besoins.  Nous avons eu des conversations très intéressantes!  Je me sens plus confiant dans mon français maintenant, merci Virginie!



At 67 years young I must admit I was somewhat sceptical at first but after two years with Learn French Coach I cannot rate this form of language instruction highly enough.  Lessons are flexible, relaxed and tailored to your learning requirements.
My tutor, Virginie is amazing, patient and well-motivated. During the lessons we often have a laugh about life in general. The lessons are well formatted and have been enjoyable, informative and also very frustrating at times. Detailed notes from the lesson and homework are emailed to me after the lesson. Time spent on my homework varies from week to week, and I do value the variation of questions that Virginie sets.

Overall, learning a language via Skype is a great idea and I would thoroughly recommend it to others.  It is certainly a fantastic way to learn another language.



I had my 35th and last class this morning with Virginie. I want to let you know that I found her to be an excellent teacher. She was very patient and instructive. In my first classes, I participated with some degree of fear. I was pleased to be learning but lacked confidence and was quite anxious. With her guidance and encouragement, I soon was able to relax and speak without anxiety. 

I now find myself speaking French at home and am constantly thinking of how I would say something in French before speaking in English. I would not hesitate to recommend your classes and her specifically should anyone ask me how I learned to speak French



J’étais très satisfaite avec mes leçons de français avec Virginie. Au début j’ai pris un package de leçons pour améliorer ma grammaire, pour après me préparer pour l’examen Delf B2. Virginie a toujours adapté les leçons à mes difficultés et à mes demandes. Elle est géniale, toujours à l’écoute, gentille et ses leçons sont géniales. La distance ou la présence physique ce n’ai pas un obstacle, parce qu’elle est toujours disponible pour répondre à nos questions rapidement. Très compréhensible et patiente. J’ai beaucoup apprécié cette expérience, et grâce à Virginie j’ai réussi mon examen de français niveau B2.

Merci beaucoup Virginie! Je recommande vivement cette expérience pour mieux maitriser la langue française.



J’ai choisi les leçons “Conversation” avec Virginie dans le but d’améliorer mon niveau de français et pour surpasser la barrière linguistique dans la vie personnelle et professionnelle. En effet, ces cours de conversation m’ont beaucoup aidés. Virginie est très précise, attentive aux besoins des étudiants, trouve des sujets intéressants à discuter. Je la remercie beaucoup pour son écoute de mes besoins.



I learned a lot with their course, and was able to increase my vocabulary. I also passed my delf test which was the goal of the classes, so I’m really satisfied:)



“Virginie is an excellent and flexible teacher! To be able to study French one-on-one via Skype was invaluable when preparing for a year in France.”


Moscou, Russie

J’ai commencé a étudier le français avec Virginie sur Skype depuis le début. Je n’ai pas pu parler du tout. Elle est une professeure très patiente, elle explique tous très bien. J’aime bien apprendre le français avec elle.



Les cours étaient bien ciblés et m’ont aidée à atteindre le niveau requis pour prendre part aux examens du DELF B2. Mon niveau de français s’est amélioré petit à petit après chaque leçon. Virginie a su mettre l’emphase sur chaque élément du cours et particulièrement dans mes points faibles. L’oral m’a aidé a améliorer mon français tout en travaillant aussi sur les différents aspects de la grammaire. De plus, les thématiques étudiées ont contribué à épanouir ma culture générale et d’avoir une meilleure compréhension du system français.

Je n’hésite pas à recommander Virginie pour ces qualités d’enseignante. Elle sait expliquer des propos avec des exemples appropriés, et est compétente dans la matière qu’elle enseigne. Etudier le français a été une vraie joie et je vous souhaite une très bonne continuation pour votre entreprise.

Bien cordialement, Carene



Les leçons sont très bien. Virginie et moi ont beaucoup de la même idées de vie. Je pense que nous travaillons bien ensemble. Je fais mes devoirs chaque semaine.


Londres, Angleterre

The lessons have worked really well for. The schedule of one hour in the morning and then homework later has fitted in with my day. Virginie explains things very well and clearly. The notes from the lesson are REALLY useful and have given a focus on vocab etc to learn on top of the formal homework.


Prague, République tchèque

I bought the 10 lessons package with Virginie and I enjoyed how she made them interesting by asking me to debate on current world issues in French, both in writing and speaking. The time flew by quickly during her lessons. She was also flexible with my requests for personalisation. 



J’ai pris le leçons sur Skype pendant un an pour améliorer mes compétences en conversation. Je vois des progrès significatifs: je peux maintenant faire les conversations aussi par téléphone.

J’ai aimé que l’horaire des leçons était flexible et que les leçons comprenaient la lecture ou l’écoute de articles / vidéos en français sans adaptation.



The french lessons are working out well and Virginie is a I am having a great time learning French. Virginie is quite up to the mark. She is very good at teaching French.good and patient teacher!


Londres, Angleterre

I thoroughly enjoy the lessons.  They are taylored to my interests and educational needs.  They are interesting and cover topics pertenenant to my interests. 

I feel like Virginie is a friend. She is observant and realises where I am making mistakes and ensures we cover those areas without making me feel inadequate. She is absolutely fantastic.


Londres, Angleterre

J’étais très contente avec mes leçons français. Virginie m’a aidé à parler plus couramment, apprendre les nouvelles mots, et améliorer ma grammaire. Elle est très patiente et amicable. Elle donne des corrections très claires. J’ai apprécié les notes qu’elle a envoye après chaque leçon. La structure flexible a marche très bien pour moi, et je n’hésite pas a recommender Virginie pour tous les niveaux de français.



The french lessons are working out well and Virginie is a very good and patient teacher!



I am content with the lesson with Virginie ! In addition, she knows wines well as she lives in Montpellier.