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Notes of the lesson


These courses are intended for all people who want to practice above all their oral expression, to improve or maintain their level. But also work on oral and written comprehension as well as other skills.


The “Conversation” courses concern the levels of the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFRL), from level A2+ to level C2. They focus more on oral skills than written but everything is possible depending on your needs.


They address the 4 language learning skills established by the CEFR, more specifically:

– Oral production

– Oral comprehension

– Written comprehension

– Written production


The work is structured according to the needs around:

  • videos, podcasts, games, newspaper articles, role plays…
  • grammar, vocabulary, conjugation… (oral during the lesson)
  • work on phonetics
  • everyday life situations: at the bakery, at the restaurant, at the market…
  • authentic documents


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